Outdoor Installations
for the Living Architecture Project

03 February – 31 March 2018
1F Galleries, Vargas Museum


The proposed outdoor interventions of Junyee and Indy Paredes for the Living Architecture project will enhance the discourse and experience of the exhibition. Junyee proposes an interactive experience in relation to the bamboo structure of Fuminori Nousaku (in collaboration with Rosario Encarnacion-Tan) and Indy Paredes will produce structures that allude to the social issues surrounding architecture. In other words, the propositions will flesh out the aspect and the character of the 'living' in the theme of the exhibition.



Junyee responds to the space in front of the Vargas Museum by creating a passage from the street, consisting of thickets made from bamboo and other natural materials. It is meant to offer an experience for those who will pass through from clearing through a tunnel-canopy and finally to the museum.


Indy Paredes

Indy Paredes's work encapsulates the spontaneous yet sturdy architecture style of Filipinos. The beauty of our construction is in the irony of unawarely exposing the processes of construction in the final output and not hiding them for aesthetic purposes. This work will have a parasitic relationship with the museum building while it mutually shares some structure components like columns, posts and stairs. At night, the structures will provide light.

Tiyad (Tiptoe) features how Filipinos aim to blend and adapt with nature. The structure shyly tiptoes in a place where it does not aesthetically blend, physically giving way to people. With its humility, the structure unconsciously stands tall.