February 21, 2018


Once again Architecture Steiner, an activity of the Anthroposophical Society in Great Britain's Art Section, made its impact on artists, architects, students and general interest groups of the Philippines.  It has now run two successful festivals in 2017 and 2018.

Both events attracted around 200 participants each day and each was based in Manila and Iloilo.  The Manila events were accompanied by the 'Living Architecture Exhibition - Balancing Nature, Culture and Technology' sponsored by the Iona Stichting and curated by Pieter van der Ree, professor of architectural history, Alanus University, Bonn Germany.  The festivals also consisted of lectures, workshops and art installations.  International speakers included architects Pieter van der Ree from the Netherlands, Gregory Burgess from Australia, Richard Coleman and Nicolas Pople both from the UK and engineers Luis Lopez (structural) from Columbia and Patrick Bellew (environmental) from the UK.  Local contributions were made by economist Nicanor Perlas, museum curator Marian Roces, art collector Floy Quintos, conservationist Kristin Treñas, Quezon City Vice Mayor Joy Belmonte, Lambunao Mayor Jason Gonzales, urban planner Paulo Alcazaren and architect Jason Buensalido.

At every opportunity the respective country Ambassadors to the Philippines introduced their contributors.  Themes were derived from the content of the exhibition with Festival 2017 focusing on 'Wholeness through Architecture and the Arts'  and Festival 2018 exploring 'Movement and Flow in the Built Environment'.

Festival 2018 continues with a series of weekend events called 'Exhibition Encounters' where tours and workshops will be held during the exhibition up to 31 March. The festival director Sarri Tapales and her devoted team in Manila led by Nina Ledesma, including student volunteers, will continue the theme of Architecture and the Arts in a third segment titled 'ARTKITEKTURA - The City as Culture' planned for the autumn of 2019, while the exhibition will tour the Far East, North America and London.

This Anthroposophical initiative is intended as an outreach to create awareness for an improved built environment, which better relates to the true nature of the human being, both physical, psychological and spiritual, and which enhances human consciousness.

Richard Coleman


October 18, 2017

by Alexandra Abo-Hamda

"Where is the beating heart? Where is the touching hand? Where is the spirit?
Are you true to the spirit of the place?" - Gregory Burgess


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