Sarri Tapales

is a creative producer and director of ARTKITEKTURA Festival of Architecture and the Arts.  She manages learning and development programmes on architecture and design for the London practice Citydesigner and the advocacy group Architecture Steiner.  Trained in dance and theatre design and technology, she worked in New York, returning to Manila in 1988 to join the Cultural Centre of the Philippines.  Sarri was a leading production designer for the commercial industry for many years, before pursuing a more holistic approach to designing living spaces.  She moved to the UK in 2004 where she currently produces and advises on international events that enable cross-cultural and multidisciplinary collaborations.  ARTKITEKTURA Festival is lauded for delivering programmes of high relevance and content, that promote ecological design thinking and invite a lively exchange of ideas across sectors.  Its international network of partners include the creative industries, property developers, schools, local government, embassies, cultural councils and leading creative thinkers.  Sarri’s advocacies for positive change in the Philippines are deeply inspired by the revolutionaries in her family, the national heroes Jose Rizal, Gregoria de Jesus and Julio Nakpil.

Pieter van der Ree

is a lecturer (Netherlands) and curator of the International Exhibition on Living Architecture.  He was born in the Netherlands and studied Architecture at the Technical University in Delft.  After his study he joined the ORTA-Atelier, an office for ecological architecture and organic design.  In 2000 he was commissioned to write a book on Organic Architecture, and in the course of that he curated a traveling exhibition on the same subject.  Alongside his work at Alanus University he gives lectures and courses internationally and has published several books and numerous articles on architecture.  His special field of interest is the relation between architecture and the human being.

Richard Coleman

is associate producer.  He is a British architect and urban designer specialising in design assessment, heritage intervention and townscape enhancement.  Following an early career restoring and adapting both Windsor Castle and Hampton Court Palace, he ran the UK's Royal Commission on Design Review for 13 years.  For 20 years he has led Citydesigner, a consultancy of 12 architects, urban designers and historians, collaborating on challenging and innovative projects involving modern design in relation to heritage sites.  Richard is co-founder of worldarchitecturenews.com and chairman of the Architecture Club UK.  He lectures internationally and collaborates with leading architects in the UK.

Jessica Encomienda

is associate producer.  She studied Architecture at the University of the Philippines, then co-founded the graphic design and production house Haunting Images, later known as Imageworks, in 1990.  She led the practice for eight years, focusing on management and marketing.  Since 1998 her work has focused on events management and marketing for outdoor advertising.

Reji Regalado

is head of production for ARTKITEKTURA.  He studied Interior Design at the University of the Philippines, graduating in 1989.  Since 1993 he has been a freelance interior designer and production designer for film, television and commercials.  His clients include Unilever, Colgate-Palmolive, Globe Telecom, PLDT, Smart, McDonalds, leading production houses and others.  Reji was lecturer on Production Design for Film at the Asia Pacific Film Institute in 2013.

Nina Ledesma

is festival manager for ARTKITEKTURA. She studied Theater Arts at the University of the Philippines Baguio.  After earning her Bachelor's Degree in 1992, she became part of the academe as an Instructor.  Later adventures found her in the executive offices of a resort-hotel south of Metro Manila in 1996 and a software company in the heart of the central business district in Ortigas City in 2001.  The last 13 years has seen her producing live events for corporate clients. 

Karen Capino

is head of communications and audience development for ARTKITEKTURA. She studied Communications Management at  Assumption College and has worked as a copywriter for ABS-CBN Corporation. Since 2014, she has shifted to cultural and government work with projects that include the Philippine participation at the Venice Biennale, the Philippines’ Chairmanship of ASEAN 2017, and Malacañang’s Presidential Museum and Library partnership with Google Arts and Culture.